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diaphenia sent: Can we just, can we talk about Jane? Or drabble her out? Because she broke my damn heart today. OH MAN


Let’s talk about Jane… 

To talk about Jane though let’s take a step back and talk about Frank Churchill…

In my opinion they’ve made Frank so freaking unredeemable that I hope Jane dumps his ass at the end of all of this. In the novel, the thing that was holding him back from being truthful was his aunt. Even before we know his secret we know his aunt dictates his every move. In Emma Approved we have no such context. Without that context it’s hard to feel anything for Frank besides…GROW A PAIR. 

Now back to Jane…

Jane in Episode 64 (Boxx Hill) broke my heart. 

She’s upset about Maddie, but she’s also upset about the whole situation. She’s here, working hard, and Emma is just everything Jane isn’t. And Jane isn’t jealous of Emma as much as she is annoyed. Emma gets to do whatever she wants. Emma is a lot of talk without substance (from Jane’s point of view). She thought they could do great things together, but it turns out Emma is just like Frank…two-faced and without conviction. 

And it doesn’t help that Frank is falling all over Emma. 

She can’t win no matter which way she turns. 

So she takes it out on Emma.

In rewatching the episode I’ve decided that Jane’s censure is earned and also not fair. NEVER does she mention Maddie. She says a lot of stuff about Emma not really being in this to help people. I think her critique is valid, but also not entirely true. They have different ways of going about it, but Emma does care. The thing that Jane has EVERY right to be upset about…she never brings it up. She doesn’t even hint at it. 

So while my heart goes out to Jane I kind of want to look her in the eye (after I’ve poured her a very big glass of wine) and remind her that it’s Frank who is the problem. Emma is also part of the problem, but yelling at Emma and quitting doesn’t solve anything.

All it does is let Frank off the hook…

I have to say, I was never quite into Frank in the book either. There is a moment when someone (I can’t remember who… Maybe Knightley?) says something about how he should grow a pair and stand up to his aunt (not literally, of course, but something along that line) to go and visit his father. And there is some truth to that. Frank is a young, healthy man with an education. He could have joined the army or the church and earned his own living, but he prefers to wait for his aunt’s money. I never got myself to care about him much. Also since he was the one who needed to keep his relationship hidden, he had literally no reason to keep teasing Jane, making her uncomfortable with presents and flirting with Emma. 

I still hope that Jane is going to be the one wanting to keep the relationship secret in EA, which would make Frank childish but at lesat a bit justified in teasing her. I mean, he would be wrong, but at least he would not be throwing stones to his own roof and messing with Jane for something he asked her to do. 


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