*intense vomiting*

She’s saying she’s not a feminist because it discriminates and here you are literally discriminating her for not being a feminist. Thanks for being a living example of why it is an unnecessary discriminating movement.

The reason people are frustrated with her is because feminism is literally the opposite of discriminating. If you or anyone else would take 2 seconds to google it or just pay attention, people would realize that feminism is about defining, establishing, and defending EQUAL political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women!!People take offense when high profile female role models say that “I’m not feminist because I like men” or “I’m not a feminist because it discriminates” because it is literally spreading false information. And before you retort with the atypical, feeble excuse that “I know some feminists and they hate men and don’t shave and a 3rd stereotype”, just don’t. Because that is the same exact mindset that perpetuates the broad stroking of entire organizations, groups, and even races. So the next time you (or anyone, as this is a worldwide problem) would care to continue spreading misinformation and brainwashing the people around you whom are small minded enough to be convinced, please just don’t. I’m sure Fox News will pick up your slack.In short, I’m a male and I need feminism because people don’t actually know what feminism is.


I am not frustrated because feminism is the opposite of discriminating, but I do pity her for speaking in public about something she clearly doesn’t know anything about and then, instead of informing herself and admit her mistake, fully standing behind what she said in a misinformed way.
It is not bad to disagree with something, but in order to disagree with it, you must first know it. You can’t disagree with something you don’t know.
There are people who wrongly label themselves as feminists while, yes, hating on men, but that is not what feminism is about. Feminism is a very diverse movement, and it does have organizations, writers, subgroups, etc. that focus more on specific groups of people (lesbians, WoC, children who are forced into gender roles, etc.), but the main title is what scotch-bingington-winchester explains.
I won’t say that she is disgusting, she is not. She is just a young woman who believed what a lot of people out there are saying these days: that feminism is about hating on men. 
But I will worry, because she works in movies which are huge between young people, and she is promoting this kind of thinking, which can have two effects:
- Making more young people hate on feminism because of a misconception.
- Encourage some young people to continue to believe in that misconception, and continue to wrongly name it “feminism”.
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