I feel compelled to explain once and again how a toilet works thanks to Matt Damon.

Like, seriously, it’s not the same to take water from the tap or the tank than to take it from the bowl as he did.

When flushed, a toilet will empty its tank into the bowl. The bowl does not have a sensor or anything, it just receives the water and the pressures expel the dirty water. It doesn’t get automatically filled or anything.

He took a bit of water from each toilet (or so he said, maybe he didn’t and he is a filthy liar, but I like to trust people). The water was taken, in the toilet seen in the video, from the bowl. That water was there waiting to be peed (or pooed =P) on. It came from the tank, and so it was already out of the water supply system. He did not take enough water to make it necessary to flush the toilet before using it. 

So, after taking the water, someone goes and pees there and then flushes, and the tank empties. It throws exactly the same amount of water that it would have let fall if he hadn’t taken water from the bowl. 

So, he used the water in the bowl to fulfill both its original purpose (receiving someone’s excrements) and the challenge, while the tank, emptied after someones pees in that toilet later, took the same amount of water from the water supply that it would have wihtout his intervention. 

He also threw the water over himself in the garden, so the plants absorbed the water that fell off him.

I mean, I get the criticising about the ice cubes, but the WC thing made total sense. He used water that was already out of the water supply system in a quantity that did not require replacement to fulfill the purpose for which it was taken out of the water supply system in the first place. 

And yes, I kind of raged a bit about it, not because I am a fan of Matt Damon (though I like a few of his works) but because I hate how people are always criticising celebrities who try to do something nice. I don’t know if it is envy or what, but I don’t even care if they do it because they are good people or because they want to have a nice public image. I think most of the time it is both, because they are people and they have complex views on things. The thing is, as long as they help, who cares why they choose to do so, thank them and keep on living. 


i understand that you have said you don’t like star trek but


how can you not like fun 

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